Is It riches in Money, Health, Relationships, Contentment, Personality, Peace of Mind, Happiness? 

Think and Grow Rich has been a best selling book for years. But not everyone that buys it gets rich in whatever they desire! The book is literally packed with great information, but it is the application of this information that really makes the difference.

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This mastermind is NOT a book study of Think and Grow Richit is so much more. I have taken some of the greatest concepts from the best thought leaders in the world and tied them into the Think and Grow Rich principles, giving you a vision of the "secret" like never before. Leaders like:

  • Jim Rohn
  • Tony Robbins
  • Dr. Therman Fleet
  • Maxwell Maltz
  • Napoleon Hill, of course
  • and many others.

These principles and philosophies are what took me from uneducated and on my own at 14, to starting a multi-million-dollar company by the age of 30. So I understands what the power of these principles can do.

This is also why I am so passionate about this. I remember the pain, I remember the hopeless feelings, and I remember these principles that saved my life, and these are the thought principles that I still use everyday.

In this fascinating and enlightening 8 week mastermind I will show you

How you can APPLY Think and Grow Rich's powerful principles

How you can IMPLEMENT the Think and Grow Rich principles in your life

How to understand the Think and Grow Rich in a way that REALLY WORKS

You will discover these essential growth areas

Getting crystal clear on what you want

The imagination process to create it

How to face your internal and external challenges

What is driving your thinking

Making a declaration of what you want

How do you truly change for good

Understanding your Infinite power

And the importance of persistence

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Here’s some of things that those who have already started their TAGR journey have shared about their experience…


"I have never gone through such a powerful, mindset shifting study until TAGR and would encourage you to not hesitate if you get the opportunity."


"I had read TAGR before but don't feel that I understood it until the mastermind that added depth to my understanding and caused me to reflect on the content in a way I had not done before. Thank you."


"I read this book last year but did nothing with it. During the 8 week Mastermind study of the book my thinking changed so much. I made decisions which I would previously never have made which gave me great results." 

About Me

I am a mindset strategist and coach that specializes in getting people to their next level. I have spent more than 30 years developing my philosophy of Thinking Big.

I knows first hand what changing our thoughts can do. This is what took me from uneducated and on my own at 14, to running my own multi-million dollar company by 30. I understand what the power of shifting our thoughts can do. It does not matter if you are a fresh solopreneur or a seasoned CEO, being stuck sucks and altering your mindset will get you to the next level.

This is also why I am so passionate about this.

Nowadays you will find me coaching, conducting these masterminds, looking for the next great place to do a triathlon vacation, and playing with my granddaughter — all while teaching everything I know about the Thinking Big Mindset.

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The next live Mastermind will meet every Monday at 7pm CST starting on Monday October 5, 2020

Week one: Clarity on what you want 
Week Two: The Imagination Process 
Week Three: Conquering your Challenges 
Week Four: Thinking for Yourself 
Week Five: Your Infinite Potential 
Week Six: Your Declaration to Succeed 
Week Seven: The Real Process of Change
Week Eight: How to be Persistent as F*#@