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The Podcast Launch Workshop 

Get the knowledge and confidence to record something amazing.

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What Hardware Do I Need?

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Learn the perfect hardware for your budget.

What Software Do I need?

Learn the software you need to record and edit your podcast the right way.

Weekly Live Training and Coaching

Get the confidence you need with our mock interviews, and Q&A.

What's Your Podcast Identity

Planning Your Podcast Name, Topics, and Goals

What's Your Podcast Format

Are you going solo, with a co-host, Interviews?. What are the pros and cons.

All The Tools You Need To Start A Successful Podcast

Podcasting is one of the best ways to grow your tribe, grow your business and grow your influence. With that said, podcast listeners have come to expect a minimum level of quality, and honestly, they will just tune you out if you have a poor quality podcast.

Luckily, good quality doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on expensive equipment and my goal for this launch guide is for you to get the most bang for your dollar, and not waste a penny on equipment or software that you don’t need.

This guide will go over all the basics you need to know to confidently start your own podcast, or be a guest on someone else’s podcast. From what hardware and software you need, what makes a good environment to record, the correct mics and the correct podcast hosting service, to actually launching your podcast.

I know it daunting right now and there are a lot of “moving parts” to getting your podcast up and running. That said, this guide will ensure you have everything you need to get started in the right direction, without wasting a lot of time or money (like I did). By the end of this guide you will have the knowledge and confidence to record something amazing!

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